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Portal MMORPG Games
by chaynepy (chaynepy)
at January 6th, 2011 (05:49 pm)

Founded in the coolest network portal for mmo games, so he http://mmorpg.com.ua/ B differs from other similar pile - a large number of videos, a huge catalog of games and database software for online toys. Just do not count them as spam) if you have something interesting - pishim in a personal or on my blog
Перевод - Нашол в сети клевый портал об ммо играх вот он http://mmorpg.com.ua/ в отличае от кучи других подобных - большое количество видеороликов, огромный каталог игр и база программ для онлайн игрушек. Вобщем не сочтите за спам ) если есть у вас что то интересное - пишиме в личку или в моем блоге

Ptesanwi [userpic]
Items Needed
by Ptesanwi (ptesanwi)
at October 7th, 2006 (11:57 am)

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This post is set for people to add their comments for what they need to make their levels grow. This way, we can help each other. Please just add a comment with your game id and the items you need. Also if you know what areas they come from, adding that may be helpful, along with the approximate level of the beast/humanoid if applicable.

Simple template:

Character Name:
Items Needed (Area, Level):

Ptesanwi [userpic]
Raid Icons
by Ptesanwi (ptesanwi)
at October 7th, 2006 (11:42 am)

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Raid Icons

Raid Icons can be used in dungeons/instances as well as in Raids. It makes it easier to understand what everyone should target and what the main plan is. Besides, when you end up standing around waiting for someone, it gives ya something to play with.

This set up is borrowed from Lords of Darnassus since that's where my main is and having one order to remember makes life easier.

Raid Icons:
Skull = Kill 1st / Main Tank
Purple Diamond = SAP
Yellow Star = Shackle
Green Triangle = Entangling Roots (druid)
Red X = Pets Attack / Off Tank
Moon = Sleep
Orange Circle = Sheep or Porker
Blue Square = Ice / Fear or (sheep & porker together)

Ptesanwi [userpic]
Tips For the Beginning Enchanter
by Ptesanwi (ptesanwi)
at October 6th, 2006 (09:33 pm)

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Tips for the Beginning Enchanter

~ Keep an extra set of items for enchanting so that you can enchant those without fear of losing enchants on your real armor.

~ Take as many runs through instances to pick up extra items to disenchant. This gives you your supplies for encahnting and raises your enchanting level in the beginning.

~ Enchanted bags, though not necessary, are larger than regular bags. They hold dusts, essences, rods, and shards used for enchanting. It makes a good holder in the bank. I prefer keeping regular bags on my character so that all spaces are available for any item.

~ Lower level enchants are more complicated to share. Giving away free enchants may work in larger cities like Stormwind or Ironforge, but don't be discouraged if no one jumps at the chance. Just level on your own armor or the extras you have and try again.

~ Try to have another character that can supply your enchanter with money. Enchanting cuts out a large source of funds (upper level weapons and armor).

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